5 Aliner Owners & Bloggers to Follow

There’s a lot of Aliner owner content out there, and we love to see it. Here are 5 Aliner owners we think you need to know about!

Aliner Owner Luz Litmus


If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to travel the country living full-time in an Aliner, look no further. Luz Lituma lives the nomad life towing a Scout Lite with her Subaru Forester. Her social media accounts give real and raw insight on what it’s like calling our smallest model home. Whether you’re looking for set up demos, FAQ’s, or tips and tricks, Luz is a great resource for all things Aliner living. 

Where to Find Her

Instagram: @Luz.Lituma
TikTok: @LuzLituma

Aliner Owner Solar Trailer


Devin and Gail Thorpe of Our Solar Electric Trailer Journey do an excellent job of detailing their adventures towing an Aliner with their Chevy Bolt Electric Vehicle. The Thorpe’s mission to recreate responsibly in a travel trailer powered totally by the sun is chronicled in their multimedia journal full of lessons learned along the way.

Where to Find Them

Youtube: Our Solar Electric Trailer Journey
Twitter: @DevinThorpe
Podcast: Substack – Our Solar Electric Trailer Journey

Aliner Owner Dog Lover


If there’s one thing we know Aliner owners love, it’s their dogs! This owner is no exception. While boondocking in an Aliner, Rogue Detection Teams perform non-invasive wildlife conservation surveys with the aid of rescued pups turned conservation detection dogs. Follow along as they travel the world gathering essential data for genetic analysis in remote & challenging ecosystems.

Where to Find Them

Facebook: @roguedogs
Instagram: @roguedetectionreams
Website: www.roguedogs.org

Aliner Owners The Happiness Function


The Happiness Function is a one stop shop for all things outdoor recreation. Founded by Aliner owners Ashlee and Pablo, The Happiness Function blog is aimed at showing others how to seek fulfillment outdoors through an active and healthy lifestyle. Here you’ll find excellent articles on beautiful destinations, gear reviews, and all things Aliner life. 

Where to Find Them:

Facebook: @thehappinessfxn
Instagram: @thehappinessfxn
TikTok: @thehappinessfxn
Website: www.thehappinessfxn.com


It’s no secret that providing kids limitless accessibility to the great outdoors is beneficial to their overall wellbeing. If you’re looking to trade screen time for green time, Go Out Wild is for you. This Aliner owning mom shares excellent ideas for family hiking, camping, adventures, and raising socially conscious kiddos. 

Where to Find Her

Instagram: @gooutwild