Important Updates to Aliner’s 2022 Production

2020 has brought a number of firsts. With many challenges behind us and many uncertainties that lie ahead, Aliner remains focused on providing our customers and authorized dealers with quality campers and unwavering service and support.

In order for us to maintain the level of quality in our products and customer service, we have made the decision to streamline our product offering in 2022.

We will still be offering many of the Aliner models you know and love but will modify the standard and optional features across models in an effort to maximize production capacity to meet the continued increase in demand.

Please find a number of announcements regarding our production plan below. For a full list of all available models and layouts, please browse our Aliner camper page.

  • All Aliner models come standard with 14″ tires, 3000 lb axle, an exterior electrical outlet, and LED running lights (The Expedition Series will have a 3500 lb axle)
  • All Aliner models will come standard with a black on grey exterior
  • All Scout models will come standard with 4 stabilizer jacks, LED running lights, and standard access door windows.
  • The Ranger series will come standard with 4 stabilizer jacks and LED running lights.
  • The Aliner Expedition will have two floorplan options: Rear Sofa or Mattress (The Twin Bunk & Front Kitchen floorplans will be eliminated in 2021)
  • All Somerset models will not be manufactured in 2021
  • The production of all Ascape models will be suspended until further notice
  • The Aliner Titanium 12 will not be manufactured in 2021

We thank our employees, our dealers, and our customers for their continued support and we look forward to serving you in 2022 and beyond!

Questions? Contact us with any dealer or customer questions.